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Educational Programmes Standing Committee

The Working Party was established in 2003 when small groups of interested BIHS members were formed to deliver specific projects on behalf of the Executive Committee.

Chair: Professor Michael Okorie



Dr Philip Lewis
Dr Sinead McDonagh
Dr Carmel McEniery
Dr Manish Sinha
Dr Tehreem Butt
Dr Alison Warren


  • To develop, organise, deliver and evaluate a range of educational initiatives across primary and secondary health care to improve knowledge and skills in the prevention, detection and management of hypertension and related diseases
  • To develop and continue to update BIHS educational content on a variety of topics in hypertension and related diseases
  • To develop e-learning as a mode of delivery in the teaching and learning of topics in hypertension and related diseases
  • To publicise widely the educational activities of the BIHS
  • To develop and co-ordinate a cluster approach to teaching and learning in hypertension and related diseases, with a particular focus on primary care. This will include the appointment of BIHS Education Ambassadors who will take the teaching and learning to healthcare facilities
  • To collaborate with other societies and organisations to promote educational activities in hypertension and related diseases across the multi-professional health care team
  • To explore the validation of a UK Specialist Accreditation Programme in hypertension including curriculum design, assessment and quality assurance

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