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Early Career Researchers

The BIHS Young Investigator (YI) Network was launched at the ASM in 2016 with the aim of better integrating junior researchers into the Society and was renamed Early Career Researchers – Special Interest Group in September 2022. Specifically it aims to:

promote research conducted by early career scientists, clinicians, nurses and allied health care professionals within the Society
• facilitate communication about BIHS activities amongst its ECR members
• increase visibility of young investigators through the BIHS website & social media
• provide better opportunities for networking amongst Early Career Researchers within the Society as well across other scientific and clinical societies
attract new ECRs and increase their involvement in the Society

We consider Early Career Researchers to be those who identify themselves as an undergraduate or postgraduate student, or employed in a training-grade post up to specialist registrar level, or an early career researcher in a postdoctoral or lecturer position.

We hold a symposium every year at the BIHS Annual Scientific Meeting at which invited speakers talk about issues pertinent to Early Career Researchers and provide opportunities for networking with peers and senior members of the Society. Go to the Members Area to see previous ECR Symposia. We also organise a ECR poster storm and separate ECR oral sessions at ASM each year.

The ECR also provides a mentoring scheme for young researchers looking for advice and mentorship about their career in hypertension research.

The ECR is run by a Special Interest Group led by an elected ECR who sits on the BIHS executive committee.

Get Involved
We are keen to meet you and hear your ideas for the BIHS ECR and the Society as a whole. If you would like to speak with us, please email us directly. If you want to stay in touch and keep up to date on future developments within the SIG, why not join our mailing list by sending your name and organisation by email to the BIHS secretariat.
If you are not already a member, why not join the Society and benefit from all of the exciting initiatives being led by the BIHS ECR, and reduced fees for the next Annual Scientific Meeting. To find out more about BIHS Membership, please click here.