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Collaborative Research Standing Committee

Chair: Professor Indranil Dasgupta


Dr Chris Clark
Professor Franco Cappuccio
Professor Isla Mackenzie
Dr Carmel McEniery
Professor Tom MacDonald
Professor Paul Robinson
Dr Manish Sinha
Dr Helen Warren
Dr Pauline Swift
Dr Manish Saxena
Dr Tim Doulton
Dr Eduard Shantsila
Dr David Wingfield


Research Network:

The Research Network comprises BIHS members from all over the UK and Ireland who are actively involved in research.


  • To design and execute new clinical research studies expected to benefit from collaboration among several centres
  • To engage with stakeholders to secure funding for BIHS research studies
  • To consider individual research projects for BIHS ‘endorsement’
  • To ‘adopt’ studies in which at least one BIHS member/centre participates in delivery
  • Peer review of new studies
  • Identifying priority areas for research
  • Supporting recruitment for studies via the BIHS network
  • Disseminating research results

 BIHS Research Support for Members