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Communication Panel

The Communication Panel was formed in September 2022, comprising a representative from the EXEC, Standing Committee’s and Special Interest Groups, to support communication between the BIHS and the wider community of academics, health care professionals, policy makers and patients.

Chair: Dr Sarah Partridge


Dr Pauline Swift (EXEC Representative)

Dr Philip Lewis (Guidelines SC, Blood Pressure SC, EXEC)

Professor Indranil Dasgupta (Research SC)

Dr James Curneen (Blood Pressure SC)

Professor Mike Okorie (Education SC)

Mrs Naomi Stetson (Nurses and Allied HCP SIG)

Mr Sam Olden (Nurses and Allied HCP SIG)

Dr Hafiz Naderi (Early Career Researchers SIG)


  1. To promote the visibility of the BIHS as hypertension experts.
  2. To organise events that promote the BIHS.
  3. To publicize BIHS events and disseminate information.
  4. To engage with the membership.
  5. To facilitate communication between the BIHS Standing Committee’s, Task and Finish Groups and EXEC.