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In response to the 2011 NICE/BHS Hypertension Guideline CG127 which recommends ABPM for diagnosis of high blood pressure, the BHS (prior to the name change) developed this section of the website to assist in the setting up and management of an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring clinic.

Click on the headings below to access documents:

Educational Resource Video for ABPM

(If you are unable to view the video via the YouTube link above, please see the embedded video below)

Standard Operating Procedure for ABPM

Clinic Checklist for Fitting ABPM

ABPM Explained – Patient Information Leaflet

ABPM Patient Diary

This page was compiled in collaboration between the BHS BP Measurement and the Nurses Working Party.  Special thanks to Sylvia Richards who brought the information together and the following individuals whose contribution to the editing was invaluable:

Louise Beesley, Jill Bunker, Alison deVries, Steve Jackson, Richard McManus, Paul Padfield, John Potter, Naomi Stetson, Zoe Wells

Educational Resource Video for ABPM