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Executive Committee


2 year term of office
2023 - 2025

I am a Clinical Pharmacologist, Professor of Therapeutics at the University of Cambridge and Honorary Consultant Physician at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. I lead the regional secondary/tertiary care hypertension service, direct the Cambridge Clinical Trials Centre, and am a Non-Executive Director of Royal Papworth Hospital. My research centres on the pathophysiology of hypertension and its treatment. I have a broad research portfolio including national trials and cohort studies with a wide range of funders including the NIHR, MRC and BHF.

Professor Ian Wilkinson

Professor Phil Chowienczyk

Vice - President

2 year term of office
2023 - 2025

Professor of Cardiovascular Clinical Pharmacology, School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences, King's College London.


4 year term of office
2021 - 2025

I am an Associate Professor in Applied Health Research at the University of Oxford. My research focusses on better understanding the benefits and harms of commonly prescribed treatments, with a particular emphasis on medications used for cardiovascular disease prevention. My work involves systematic reviews, statistical modelling, epidemiology and primary care based clinical trials

Dr James Sheppard

Dr Luca Faconti


4 year term of office
2022 - 2026

I'm a Clinical Lecturer in in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at King's College London and Honorary Consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.
I completed my medical training in Pisa (ESH Excellence Centre) and I started my involvement in the BIHS as Young Investigator Representative (2019 to 2022).

Ordinary Members

All Ordinary Members serve a 3 year term of office

Dr Pankaj Gupta
3 Year term of office
2022 - 2025

Dr Philip Lewis
3 Year term of office
2021 - 2024

Mr Sam Olden
3 Year term of office
2022 - 2025

Dr Pauline Swift
3 Year term of office
2021 - 2024

Early Career Researcher SIG Representative

The Early Career Researcher SIG Representative serve a 2 year term of office

Dr Sinead McDonagh
2 Year term
2022 - 2024

Past Presidents:

2021 - 2023Professor Terry McCormack
2019 - 2021Professor Una Martin
2017 - 2019Professor Francesco Cappuccio
2015 - 2017Professor Adrian Brady
2013 - 2015Professor Tom MacDonald
2011 - 2013Professor Anthony Heagerty
2009 - 2011Professor M.J. Caulfield
2007 - 2009Professor G.T. McInnes
2005 - 2007Professor M.J. Brown
2003 - 2005Professor N.R. Poulter
2001 - 2003Professor B. Williams
1999 - 2001Professor G.A. MacGregor
1997 - 1999Professor L.E. Ramsay
1995 - 1997Professor D.G. Beevers
1993 - 1995Professor P. Sleight
1991 - 1993Professor A.F. Lever
1989 - 1991Professor P.S. Sever
1987 - 1989Professor J.L. Reid
1985 - 1987Dr J.G.G Ledingham
1983 - 1985Professor J.D. Swales
1981 - 1983Dr. J.I.S Robertson