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Blood Pressure Measurement Standing Committee

The Working Party was established in 2003 when small groups of interested BIHS members were formed to deliver specific projects on behalf of the Executive Committee. It’s name was changed to Standing Committee in September 2022.

Chair: Professor Richard McManus



Dr Neil Chapman
Professor Phil Chowienczyk
Dr Chris Clark
Dr Peter Lacy
Dr Philip Lewis
Dr Sinead McDonagh
Dr Barry McDonnell
Dr Elona Greca
Ms Joanne Henry


  • To review published validation studies with the aim of listing those that comply with the appropriate standards on the BIHS website
  • To oversee the BIHS Validation Service for manufacturers of blood pressure monitors
  • To engage with the MHRA and other interested agencies to regulate the use of mercury in clinical practice
  • To advise on and provide educational resources for the measurement of blood pressure