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Annual Scientific Meeting

Queen Elizabeth Teaching and Learning Centre, Glasgow
28th - 29th May 2020

Commited to preventing cardiovascular disease

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The British and Irish Hypertension Society

The forum for professionals working in the field of hypertension and cardiovascular disease in the UK and Ireland. The Society comprises doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers specialising in the delivery of care in hypertension and allied fields, together with clinicians and scientists in the forefront of cardiovascular research.

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The BIHS Information Service aims to provide educational resources on hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

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10th October 2019

BIHS Statement – Measurement of blood pressure in people with atrial fibrillation

The above BIHS statement was published by the Journal of Human Hypertension on 2 October.  Click here to access the […]

26th September 2019

BIHS Welcomes New President & Executive Committee Members

The following new Executive Committee members were elected at the Annual Business Meeting held during the Annual Scientific Meeting 16-18 […]

28th August 2019

NICE Hypertension in adults: diagnosis & Management (NG136)

NICE has today (28 August 2019) published the Hypertension in Adults guideline update.  Click here to read comment from the […]