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About Us


The British and Irish Hypertension Society is the forum for professionals working in the field of hypertension and cardiovascular disease in the UK and Ireland.  The Society comprises doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers specialising in the delivery of care in hypertension and allied fields, together with clinicians and scientists in the forefront of cardiovascular research.

The British Hypertension Society was founded in 1981 by eight clinicians “to provide a suitable forum where physicians, surgeons, physiologists, pharmacologists and others interested in the subject of hypertension could meet and present their work”.  In 2016 the membership voted to change the Society’s name to the British & Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS) as it is now known.

The BIHS is made up of multidisciplinary clinicians and scientists working to reduce the burden and consequences of hypertension and cardiovascular disease in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

The Society provides a broad spectrum of scientific and educational activities. These include the production and regular updating of internationally renowned guidelines for the management of hypertension; an Information Service for healthcare professionals; a Validation Service for manufacturers of blood pressure monitors; coordinating collaborative research into aspects of hypertension and cardiovascular risk; and holding scientific meetings covering all aspects of research and the delivery of care related to hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

An Annual Scientific Meeting is held every September at a venue in the UK or Ireland.

The Society also has four standing committees and two special interest groups