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With great sadness, we have lost an eminent member and supporter of the British and Irish Hypertension Society. Dr Michael Schachter, Senior lecturer at Imperial College and Consultant Physician in Clinical Pharmacology and therapeutics has unexpectedly passed away. This came as a great shock to the staff of Imperial College where he was known as a great teacher in Clinical Pharmacology, a lead in personal tutoring, a final year examiner and a researcher.  In his role as a physician he ran the hypertension clinics at St Mary’s Hospital, London for many years. His contribution in the field of hypertension is awesome. He graduated with M.B., B.S. in 1974 from London University. He trained at St Mary’s Hospital, where he was later appointed Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology.

He was a great friend and colleague to many of our members and was a regular attender of the BIHS Annual Scientific Meeting. He will be greatly missed.