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Not Recommended

Blood pressure monitors that have not been validated successfully (tested for accuracy against established protocols) are not recommended by the BIHS.  Those listed in this section have been tested but have failed either to reach the required standard of accuracy or have not been evaluated fully against all criteria of the established protocols. Click on the individual model for details.

The BIHS Blood Pressure Measurement Working Party revised its policy on not listing non-validated devices in 2016.  Only devices reviewed since this change are included in this section.

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Manufacturer Model Type Price Protocol Validated by
Beneware ABP-021 Wrist Unkown Price Independent
Omron HEM-9210T Upper Arm Unkown Price Independent
Omron MIT Elite in Obese Pregnant Women Pregnancy large arm Unkown Price BHS A/A Independent
Omron HEM-7320-LA Upper Arm Unkown Price Independent
Welch Allyn Vital Signs 300 Series Wrist Unkown Price Independent
Withings BP-800 Pregnancy large arm Unkown Price Independent