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Research Support for Members

Clinical Research Updates

The Research network comprises BIHS members from all over the UK and Ireland who are actively involved in research.  The network aims to stimulate, promote and facilitate collaborative research projects in hypertension and related topics.


The network provides a number of functions designed to facilitate different aspects or stages of research project development:

 Developing studies service

  • Where BIHS experienced researchers assist in developing ideas for other BIHS members. BIHS would issue certificates of recognition to those researchers helping with this rather like CME certificates. It is the intention that investigators could cite the BIHS CRNWP as ‘peer review’ of their project.

Endorsing studies

  • The Working Party will recommend to the BIHS Executive studies that it judges meet the aims and objectives of the BIHS. Such endorsement will be independent of direct involvement of the BIHS in the conduct of these studies.

Adopting studies

  • Adopted studies are those that the working party endorses but that at least one BIHS centre/ member participates in delivery.

BIHS Network Studies

  • Studies that are recommended as high priority and that the BIHS actively assists to recruit a network of BIHS investigators to deliver.

Current Activities:

  • The online TIME project has completed recruitment and the data are now being analysed.
  • Various research projects for which grant applications have been submitted

  New Proposals 

Research Proposals are invited for Working Party consideration who will in turn recommend suitable studies to the Executive Committee for BIHS support.  Proposals may be sent using the BIHS Proforma or your own format to the Working Party c/o Jackie Howarth on bihs@le.ac.uk.