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Thursday 27th June 2019
NICE Hypertension in Adults - Patient Decision Aid
NICE has produced a Patient Decision Aid to accompany the new Hypertension in Adults Guideline.  The BIHS Guidelines & Information Service Working Party and Executive Committee have reviewed the document and have submitted comments to NICE.  Click here to see BIHS comments. Wednesday 12th June 2019
World Hypertension League 2019 Excellence Awards
We are delighted to announce that two BIHS members have received World Hypertension League (WHL) 2019 Recognition of Excellence Awards in Dietary Salt Reduction.  Our President, Professor Francesco Cappuccio in recognition of his role as a global leader who has contributed much to better the global population and Professor Feng He who received the WHL MacGregor Excellence award for dietary salt reduction at population level.  Congratulations to them both! Tuesday 23rd April 2019
NICE Hypertension in Adults Consultation - BIHS Comments CONFIDENTIAL
Comments received from the membership have been collated and submitted to NICE today, 23 April 2019.  Click here to see the completed comment form.  This document is for Members Only, please DO NOT CIRCULATEClick here to see a list of BIHS members who contributed comments to the BIHS response. Monday 11th March 2019
NICE Hypertension in Adults Guideline Update 2019
The NICE Hypertension in Adults Guideline Update is now out for consultation. Click here to see the full document. If you wish to see the consultation page on the NICE website click here.  BIHS is a registered Stakeholder and the Executive Committee will issue a comment on behalf of the Society based on the views of its members. If you wish to make an individual comment for the Executive Committee to review, please use the Forum facility on the bottom of this page.  This is visible to members only. Please submit any comment by 5pm Wednesday 17 April. After this time, all comments will be collated and an overall BIHS response will be sent to NICE before their deadline of 5pm on Tuesday 23 April 2019. Thursday 28th February 2019
The Journal of Human Hypertension becomes the official journal of the BIHS
We are delighted to announce that all members will have online access to the Journal of Human Hypertension as part of their membership subscription from 1st March 2019. Visit the Journal of Human Hypertension page via the menu on the left or by this link for access and more information.


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