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Measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, live longer

We invite you to join the British and Irish Hypertension Society to celebrate World Hypertension Day at our FREE educational webinar taking place on Wednesday 17th May 2023 at 630pm – 8pm (BST).



Highlights include:

  1. Welcome from our BIHS President, Professor Terry McCormack who notes that “The most successful country in tackling blood pressure is currently Canada and one of the reasons is their involvement of community pharmacists in this endeavour”.
  2. Update on the global burden of high blood pressure from Professor Neil Poulter, Chief Investigator of May Measurement Month
  3. Sharing the latest research suggesting that in the UK half a million fewer individuals than expected were initiated on antihypertensive medications during the first year of the COVID pandemic. Finding and accurately measuring the blood pressure of these individuals is key to preventing a future excess of cardiovascular events.
  4. Lively and interactive discussion with our panel of Hypertension Specialists from the fields of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing. Inspiring everyone through education and debate that blood pressure screening, accurate measurement and management is an essential role that we are proud to prioritise


Speaker and Panellist Profiles













Chair, Mike Okorie, Chair of the BIHS Educational Programmes Standing Committee, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Consultant Physician at UHSussex.

Co-Chair, Sarah Partridge, Chair of the BIHS Communication Panel and Lecturer in Medical Education at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Terry McCormack, President of the British and Irish Hypertension Society, a GP in Whitby and Professor of Primary Care Cardiovascular Medicine at Hull York Medical School.

Neil Poulter, Chief Investigator of May Measurement Month (MMM), former President of the International Society of Hypertension and BIHS.  Professor of Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine.

Liz Denver, Hypertension Specialist Clinical and Research Nurse who set up and runs the award winning nurse-led hypertension clinic at the Whittington Health NHS Trust.

Barry McDonnell, May Measurement Month National Lead for the UK and Ireland and Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Ali Jawad, Clinical pharmacist working in a GP practice and the community.