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2022 Annual Scientific Meeting

Dates: 12th to 14th September 2022
Venue: Barbican, York

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

We are inviting you to join us in historic York for the 2022 BIHS Annual Scientific Meeting, our second face-to-face meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our 2021 meeting in Brighton was a great success and the value of networking was re-established. We plan to build on this with confidence in planning this event.

The Barbican is an excellent conference facility close to the heart of this very popular city destination. As all of you who have attended our meetings before, will be familiar with our friendly and welcoming style. Our interests are in all aspects of cardiovascular disease prevention with a special emphasis on hypertension.

Programme Highlights:

  • Sir George Pickering Lecture
  • Three awards for Young Investigator submitted abstracts; opportunities to present your work in Australia, the USA and Italy in our reciprocal exchange programmes
  • The Dr Robert Grayson Award will be presented to the best research into diseases of the aorta and blood vessels
  • Prizes for the best Nurses and AHP presentation and the best Poster presentation will be awarded
  • Late-breaking research

We look forward to welcoming you to York in 2022


Professor Terry McCormack                                                            Dr James Sheppard

President, British & Irish Hypertension Society                      Secretary, British & Irish Hypertension Society