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BIHS Mentoring Scheme

The BIHS Mentoring scheme aims at attracting, retaining and supporting the development of YIs from clinical, nursing and research backgrounds within the society. The scheme will facilitate new relationships between young investigators and senior members of the BIHS who can provide independent career-development advice. Specifically:

  • Through sharing of experience, support and guidance of a senior member of the Society, therefore strengthening relationships between senior and junior members
  • Provision of opportunities to build inter-institutional relationships
  • Strengthening sharing of skills within the field of Hypertension

To be eligible to use the scheme, you must be a current BIHS member and eligible to be part of the YI network (e.g. undergraduate or postgraduate student, or employed in a training-grade post up to specialist registrar level, or an early career researcher in a postdoctoral or lecturer position).

The mentoring scheme works in the following way:

  • Register your interest with the BIHS secretariat by completing the Mentee Profile Form (available on the members area).
  • The BIHS secretariat will send you a list of participating mentor profiles.
  • Select your chosen mentor and contact them individually, sending them your profile.
  • Once a mentoring relationship has been agreed, you should discuss expectations and goals, using the general guidelines provided, and inform the BIHS secretariat.
  • Enjoy a fruitful relationship and successful career in Hypertension Research!

Find out more by logging into the members area or becoming a member