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Guidelines and Information Service Working Party

The Working Party was established in 2003 when small groups of interested BIHS members were formed to deliver specific projects on behalf of the Executive Committee.

Chair: Professor Franco Cappuccio
(Exec rep)
Dr Adrian Brady
Professor Morris Brown
Mrs Jackie Howarth (Lay member)
Dr Terry McCormack
Professor Gordon McInnes
Professor Gary McVeigh
Ms Michaela Nuttall
Professor Neil Poulter
Professor John Potter
Professor Peter Sever
Dr Wayne Sunman
Professor Bryan Williams



  • To provide resources for health care professionals about hypertension
  • To provide guidelines and web-based timely updates in response to new trial evidence
  • To produce statements on the management of hypertension in special situations and topical issues
  • To develop a strategy, manage and support the Information Service to ensure that it delivers on the above