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Educational Programmes Working Party

The Working Party was established in 2003 when small groups of interested BIHS members were formed to deliver specific projects on behalf of the Executive Committee.

Chair: Dr Mike Okorie
Dr Adam Greenstein Dr Catriona Murphy
Dr Vikas Kapil Dr Claire Schwartz
Dr Carmel McEniery (Exec Rep) Mrs Alison Warren



  • To develop, organise, deliver and evaluate a range of educational initiatives across primary and secondary health care to improve knowledge and influence the prevention, detection and management of hypertension and cardiovascular disease in accordance with current BIHS guidelines
  • To engage stakeholders to develop a UK Specialist Accreditation programme and undertake a range of activities in support of this aim including Curriculum Design, Assessment and Quality Assurance
  • To continue to develop its links with other stakeholders to promote educational activities across the multi-professional health care team
  • To engage with those professional organisations involved in the delivery of care strategies to identify and reduce cardiovascular disease in the population, in particular pharmacists and nurses in primary/community care
  • To develop and implement an accreditation system for postgraduate programmes that contribute to the overarching educational aims of the British & Irish Hypertension Society

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